The Atlas Mountains

Is a mountain chain in the northwest of the African continent, crossing the countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. It constitutes a natural scene and a vital space rich in plant, mineral and animal elements, and its heights vary to reach the highest peak in Morocco, Jebel Toubkal in the High Atlas (4165 meters).imlil -2 days trip in the Atlas Mountains and valleys

Geological formation

Geological studies indicate that the formation of the Atlas mountain range in its current scene came as a result of major transformations that took place through three major stages, the first of which was about 300 million years ago as a result of continental collisions between North America, Europe and Africa.

The second stage was determined 65 million years ago due to the separation of the continents from each other, while the current Atlas Mountains were formed later as a result of the convergence of the African and European plates.

Studies indicate that the Western Atlas was earlier formed and is an extension of the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountain range before the European and African continents separated, while the formation of the Eastern Atlas coincided with the formation of the European Alps.

String components

The Atlas Mountains chain is divided into a group of semi-independent mountain sections that include the Middle Atlas, which is located in the north of central Morocco, and is linked in the southern borders with the High Atlas, which is located in central Morocco, and rises in the west on the Atlantic coast and extends in the eastern direction of the Moroccan-Algerian border, and the Little Atlas Which is located in the south of Morocco.

It extends from the southwest side of the Atlantic Ocean to the northeast in the Ouarzazate plateau, and the Saharan Atlas, which is located in Algeria. Its highest peaks are about 2336 meters high in Jebel Issa, and then the Atlas Hill, which is located between Algeria and Tunisia, with an area of about 1500 km and is characterized by the fertility of its lands.

Economic importance

The mountainous areas of the Atlas mountain range provide wide and rich areas for the flourishing of several economic activities for the people as well as for the national economic fabric. These spaces are a source of raw materials for agricultural and animal exploitation, as well as in the mineral industrial sector. The Atlas regions, with their enchanting natural landscapes and immaterial cultural richness, constitute an attractive place for tourists from inside and outside.

Among the minerals that give the Atlas a special economic importance: iron and phosphates, which constitute an important source of revenue for Morocco and Tunisia. There are also copper, silver, manganese and coal mines.
The wood wealth derived from forests, which is the focus of vital economic activity, cannot be overlooked. And extending across the spaces of the Atlas pastoral areas provide the population with opportunities for the prosperity of livestock farming with smaller margins of arable areas.

The tourism sector is especially important in view of the attractiveness of the charming mountainous areas, where mountain sports enthusiasts and those wishing to enjoy the snow views on the higher peaks flock, especially in Morocco (the suburbs of Ifrane in the Middle Atlas and Marrakesh in the High Atlas).

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DJebel Toubkal Ascent Trek and Berber Villages
5 days30
Imlil - High Atlas Mountains - Morocco
Toubkal Circuit
6 days30
High Atlas Mountains - Morocco
2 days trip in the Atlas Mountains and valleys
2 days30
High Atlas Mountains - Morocco
Toubkal 3 days from marrakech
3 days30
Mount Toubkal - Morocco
2-day Mount  Toubkal Ascent
2 days30
High Atlas Mountains - Morocco


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